Fabia Delise, born in Trieste, now resides in Genoa. From an early age, she was keenly interested in textiles and fibers. Embroidery became a passion for her. She experimented with traditional hand-embroidery techniques before an encounter with the French artist Fanny Viollet, who inspired Fabia to learn free-hand machine embroidery (pique’ libre). Immediately, she liked the versatility and creative expression of free-form embroidery. In 2006, she discovered the multi-colored world of patchwork. From the start, she was drawn to the contemporary form of patchwork, following her own roads of research and experimenting with traditional techniques, concentrating on the hexagon shape, but personalizing it by adding modern touches and interpreting it in her own voice. She has studied the Art Quilt in depth, taking various courses in Italy and other countries, taught by internationally known artists. She has exhibited her work throughout Europe.

artist statement



My work presents the traditional patchwork form of the hexagon in a new light. I combine hand-pieced hexagons into contemporary designs. My intent is to avoid the symmetry of traditional pattern. Instead I bring focus to the dynamic sense of movement through the use of colors. I investigate the meaning of the void, leaving empty voids in the quilt surface to represent grief and loss (Un vuoto nel cuore) or the paradox of creation (Origins). I am exploring new constructions in which hexagons take on a 3-dimensional form. The resulting surface become textured and wave-like. 




Patchwork Professional Quilt & Textilkunst
#04 2021

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